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Minutes of the 27th Annual General Meeting of The Hadleigh Society held in Hadleigh Old Town Hall on Wednesday 17th June 2009 at 8.00pm

Apologies for absence: Jan Byrne, Roger Kennell, Pam Oldroyd, Lesley Garnett, John Davey.

Attendance: There were 26 Members of the Society attending.

Minutes of the A.G.M of 18th June 2008 were accepted as a true record of the meeting. There were no matters arising not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

Treasurers Report: Chris Drake reported that the monies allocated to and from the Fighting Fund have swamped the routine expenditure of the Society, especially in Printing and Publishing and donations received.

Ignoring the Tesco effect overall 2008/09 was a satisfactory year. Income was about the same, expenditure was up a bit. The cost of gifts to Mrs Holden and two long serving members were balanced by not paying a subscription to the Civic Trust as they have gone into Administration.

Overall a small surplus of 20 showed in this area of our activities.

However, none of our costs are falling and while we enjoy the presentations by our members at Public meetings we cannot rely on them and popular speakers such as Clive Paine and Dr Sam Newton command substantial fees. If we are to maintain the standards of our meetings an increase in subscriptions is inevitable. It will not happen until next year but has been placed on the Agenda for the next AGM.

Expenditure from the Fighting Fund is dictated by activities on the Tesco front which is quiet at the moment. There is a need to have cash available if the need arises.

The Treasurer expressed his thanks to Paul Garrard of Walter Wright Chartered Accountants and there being no questions relating to the report this was accepted.

History Group Report: Sue Angland gave the report on the History Group saying that the Group meet monthly. Work concentrated on the Dean’s Diary throughout 2008 and was presented in December. This was very well received, in particular the extracts read by the Dean, David Stranack whose contribution was much appreciated. It was hoped to repeat the presentation for the Friends of St Mary’s Church but no date had yet been set.

The next topic of research is Hadleigh Traders of the 19th Century. Transcriptions of the trade directories, newspaper advertisements, parish magazines, census returns and local memoirs are being incorporated as well as traders’ bills or vouchers. The Group will be delving into the Hadleigh Archives hopefully to discover some interesting invoices but any local information concerning the Traders of the past would be appreciated.

Planning: The date for the next Tesco planning application is still not known. John Bloomfield as Chairman reported he had commissioned a survey of the water meadows from James Dent, a respected Hydrologist, which raised concerns on Tesco’s own reports in this area. Copies would be sent to both Local and Water Authorities.

Hadleigh Traffic Working Party: Nina Sherwood explained that she has been attending on behalf of the Hadleigh Society. Recently discussion has centred around traffic problems in Benton Street. Nina has recently surveyed residents in Angel Street about the speed of traffic using the road. All respondents agreed that this was an issue and she has passed these concerns on to Suffolk Council, the Police and Councillor Grutchfield, with the outcome that they will meet again to discuss this further.

Chairman’s Report: John Bloomfield reported that the programme, which has been the pattern of previous years has been followed which seems successful both from a speaker and audience point of view.

Speakers of calibre continue to charge more but we are not short of funds to pay the going rate and there is no shortage of subjects, but if you have any ideas for the future let me know.

The society was again represented at the Hadleigh show. The sight by a permanent third ring seemed to draw people past the society’s tent as visitors seemed to be getting used to the new layout.

Regarding Tesco the planning application was submitted in March 2008 and is scheduled to go before the development Committee in ‘Late Summer’. But some 15 months later we still have no meeting date although this could be in July or September 2009. In close association with the Hands off Hadleigh Group, the Society along with the Town Council are apposed to the proposals, as are English Heritage, Natural England and the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. 

When the meeting date is fixed, we will be asking for a venue large enough to take all the interested individuals.

The Chairman would like to thank all of the Executive Committee and to note after many years service that Jan Byrne is stepping down for a while, and we thank her for all her hard work over many years.

Gerald Tryon and Hattie Bawden have kindly agreed to join the Executive Committee.

The Election of Officers and the Executive Committee

Chair : John Bloomfield

Vice Chair : Graham Panton

Secretary : Steve Sherwood

Treasurer : Chris Drake

Members : Margaret Woods (Membership Secretary), Sue Angland,. Nina Sherwood, Roy O’Shaughnessy, Hattie Bawden, Gerald Tryon.

The Noel Turner Award

Any Other Business

Using the Guildroom for meetings was raised. This is more accessible for disabled members. The down side is that furniture has to be moved by people who rent it. It is smaller and less comfortable than the Old Town Hall room currently used.

The meeting closed at 8.22 pm and was followed by the serving of cheese and wine.

The Hadleigh Society