Against Another Supermarket


The Hadleigh Society is supporting the Campaign Against Another Supermarket in Hadleigh - CAASH.  We are opposed to the development for very many reasons. 

We'd also like to hear from you.  You can contact us here.

On other linked pages you can find out more about

bulletthe traffic
bulletthe impact on the High Street
bulletthe impact on the environment

You can also see why the government's planning guidelines support our position.  This is not just a local issue, as you can see through the increasing coverage in the national media.

If you think a Tesco supermarket in Hadleigh will get you cheaper food then have look at experience elsewhere


Town Council Poll

In September 1999 Hadleigh Town Council conducted a poll, publishing the results in October 1999. Three questions were asked and 76% of the electorate responded:-




1. Would you like a supermarket in Hadleigh?



2.Do you support having a supermarket, including the demolition of Cinch, on the proposed site between the High Street and the River Brett in line with the current planning applications?



3. Would you support a supermarket on an alternative site in Hadleigh




Hadleigh Society

The Hadleigh Society distributed 3,500 copies, one to each household in Hadleigh. 634 forms were received, completed as follows:

I approve of a supermarket development on the proposed riverside site. 147 23.2%
I approve of a supermarket development but not on the riverside site. 131 20.7%
I am totally against another supermarket. 356 56.1%

Thus an overwhelming 76.8% of the respondents were against the building of a supermarket on the riverside site.

Previous Applications for Supermarkets in Hadleigh

See our Newsletter archive for reports on this and previous applications. 

July 1987
July 1992
Nov 1994
Apr 1999

The Other Options

Buy Right

There is already has an edge of town store purchased from Tesco complete with  planning consent for the sale of food. 

You might be interested to see news around the world of opposition to other supermarket developments.

In Conclusion,

from Country Life dated April 15, 1999:- 

"Large foodstores sited out of town, ....., have not only carved up Greenfield space but - according to a recent government report - have cut the market share of principal food retailers in market towns by up to 50%. 

Action for Market Towns, based in Suffolk, confirms the threat to local jobs.  Within a 15km catchment area of 93 superstores studied, employment in specialist food retailers declined by nearly 30%.  Each superstore opening resulted in an average net loss of 276 full-time equivalent jobs.  But the tide is turning.  In 1990, 50% of food retailers could expect to win appeals to build out-of-town stores.  Now that figure is just 5%." 

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