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This development would


not be in keeping with the historic core of Hadleigh, which has many important medieval buildings


be detrimental to the conservation area as a whole


cause the loss of an irreplaceable area of important natural habitat and tranquillity, a valuable asset to the town


bulletCar fumes, from slow traffic, increased traffic and cold engines starting and stopping. Remember that we live in ‘Hadleigh in the hole’ and the fumes and chemicals under certain weather conditions will remain in the valley.
bulletNoise from heavy lorries, cars, blaring car radios, engines starting and stopping, twenty four hour noise from the ventilation units for the cold stores.
bulletLighting of the stores surroundings, car park and entrance road throughout the hours of darkness. (Houses between Cinch and Pound Lane will suffer from noise and light pollution to both the back and front of their homes twenty four hours a day.)

The site

bulletTesco talks only about their use of a ‘brown field’ site, the industrial estate, but part of the land is virgin meadowland.
bulletCars will be parking within three car lengths of the river.
bulletIt is said to be a town centre site, but the centre of Hadleigh’s population is not the High Street which is on the western edge and to the north but well to the south east of the site..
bulletThe effect of noise and light pollution on the wildlife, plus
bulletThe inevitable shopping trolleys in the river.
bulletThe views from the riverside walk and all of the walks through Broom Hill and Constitution Hill, at present looking upon the water meadow and the back of High Street properties, which would change to a ‘bog standard’ Tesco store, car park and constantly moving traffic, seven days a week.
bulletThey are not called ‘Water Meadows’ for no reason!!

The Area

bulletConflicts with the character of a conservation area
bulletDamages the architectural or historic value of the listed buildings
bulletHarmful to the setting of a listed building, in particular Sun Court, Grade II*