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Noel Turner Award
Local Plan Alt 2
Local Plan Objection, May 2004


Over the past twelve years there have been four applications for building a supermarket on the edge of the town.  Tesco's most recent application was rejected by Babergh District Council in July 2011 and in January 2012 they decided not to contest that decision.

Hadleigh's Conservation Area

In 1965 the Council for British Archaeology published a list of 324 historic towns of which 51 were considered to be of special importance - "so splendid and so precious that ultimate responsibility for them should be a national concern".

This led the County Planning Authority to propose a conservation area.

Local Plan updates

The Hadleigh Society monitors all planning applications that might affect the town.   It often makes observations but from time to time a major proposal gives rise to a major and comprehensive activity. 

Babergh updated the Local Plan in 2004 and published the Babergh Local Plan Alteration No 2 Issues Report for consultation.  The Hadleigh Society Executive Committee responded with a series of comments the content of which can be found here.

Planning Proposals on which the Hadleigh Society has commented

McCarthy and Stone, 2016, B/16/00760

The Society's First Response 

The Society's Second Response

The Society's Third Response

7 Bridge Street B/16/01701

Report & Letter Re 7 Bridge Street, 10 Jan 2017

Report & Letter Re Amend 1-7 Bridge Street 6 Feb 2017

111 High Street B17/01052

Response re Underpinning111Hgh Street

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